Now it’s ready! Digital transfer of eBVD for an uninterrupted flow of environmental information.

We have now developed a service to enable your building product declarations to be shared digitally. The purpose is to create a digital flow for the information about products that are part of a construction work to get quality-assured information in place efficiently. So far, we have agreements with BASTA and Golvbranschen, GBR (the Swedish Flooring Trade Association, GBR). You have, of course, continued control over your product information and we ask you to approve that your declarations are shared by eBVD i Norden AB and made visible in GBRs “Kretsloppsmärkning” and in BASTAs “logbook” service for construction projects where your products are used, for further information about the purpose of use: The basics for digital transfer of eBVD. It is the administrator of your company that can activate these organizations in the eBVD-system. In the user manual under the section “Your organization” (for administrators only) and page 18 “Access rights to other organizations” you can find the instruction for this. Or in short as follows:

  • Navigate to the tab “Digital transfer of eBVD”
  • Click in the organizations you want to get access to your published declarations, currently BASTA and GBR.
  • You can also specify in detail which information in the declarations that these organizations should be able to read by clicking “Edit organizations permissions”.
  • You can, for example, choose to show only certain parts of the declaration or if the confidential information should not be sent. Default here is that all information you provided as confidential is not sent.
  • Specify which documents to share under “Allocated documents” default here are all your published documents.

If you have further questions about how this works, contact the support at eBVD-support@ivl.se.


Construction Product Declaration eBVD 1.0

The new digital Building product declaration, eBVD1.0 is now launched according to the new standardized format developed by the Association for Construction Product Declarations. A construction product declaration represents a combined and agreed basis on which to provide information on the environmental aspects of the construction product in different phases of its life cycle. The purpose of the information is to prioritize the selection of construction products from the environmental point of view and to make it easier to document mounted construction products for subsequent operation and administration.


How to register eBVD 1.0

Start by creating an account. When you press create an account you need to register company details, turnover, number of BVDs you intend to register the first year, and mark whether the company is a member of Construction Product Sweden or any of their member association. Do you already have an account, select Download above.

Create Account

When sending notification you will receive a confirmation email with information on fees as well as a license agreement to be signed by an authorized person and returned to anna.Jarnehammar@ivl.se, or post it to eBVD i Norden AB, Box 2160, 100 31 Stockholm

License Agreement (pdf)

License fees (pdf)

Guidelines (pdf)

As soon as we have received the signed agreement, you get the login information to register and administer your eBVDs.

When you press the button Download the program is being downloaded.

Getting Started

To register a eBVD you need to:

  • Download the program eBVD 1.0. It is automatically downloaded when you press the button Download above.
  • Have the program .NET Framework 4.6 downloaded on your computer. If you have not downloaded the program, you will be asked to download it directly from Microsoft. The program can be downloaded here.
  • Have a login. It is the same as the e-mail address you registered when you created your account. The first time you log in you must click on the link to change your password and follow the instructions to get your password registered. Other people can use the same login for the company to register eBVD 1.0.

Remember to always have the guidlines beside you when you register your declaration.

We recommend Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge as browser.